Wedding videography, made simple.

Kindred | Tampa, FL


Heirlooms in the making.

We’ll leave the documentaries to National Geographic — Our films are captivating, short-form narratives that capture the quintessential moments of your wedding day. We operate from the idea that simplicity doesn't equate to lacking in quality: an excellently shot, masterfully edited Highlight Film will evoke feelings even more effectively than a longer, documentary style edit.

Before you go any further, take a look at our 2018 Demo Reel. It's essentially a summary of our filmmaking style, and a small taste what you can expect if you partner with us to capture your wedding day.



Non-traditional is the new black.

Getting married should not be complicated. If “The Wedding Industry” makes you squirm, and you’re *this* close to eloping in France because planning your wedding makes you physically ill… you’re in the right place.

We craft beautiful, character-driven wedding films for people in love. No bells, no whistles — just beautiful. See some of our favorite films below.

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Here's what we believe in.



As grandiose as it sounds to “travel the world and make movies about love”, we’re still very much human, just like you — which means we're not made of money, sometimes forget passwords, and probably drink way too much coffee. But, we love our jobs, and do our very best with what we've got to make amazing movies that touch hearts.



We tell real stories about real people who are madly in love, and try our very best to be transparent through the entire process. It’s our truest ambition to provide tremendous value through our craft, and that means being real about the financials and managing expectations extremely well.



We don’t believe in “ideal clients” — if you happen to be Instagram models, good for you! As for the rest of you mere mortals… we still think you’re pretty incredible. If you’re down to act like actual human beings who truly care for each other (and others), there’s a 100% chance that we’ll work together just smashingly.



Kindred spirits welcome.

"Wedding vendor" is such a lifeless, disconnected term that we steer clear from using — rather, we're in the business of capturing magic and celebrating one of life's greatest treasures! Let's become best friends while we document the best day of your life. See more about what we’re about below.


Our goal, as storytellers:

To tastefully, uniquely, and excellently craft visuals to preserve some of the happiest memories you'll ever have — holding a handful of moments still for a lifetime. Have more questions about how we roll?


But, don't take our word for it...



Put your money where your heart is.

We get to capture the best day of your life, plain and simple. There are a million things happening all at once, and if you blink, it's already over! The cake, the gifts, the first dance — it's wonderful, but there's only one thing that will last beyond the wedding day:

The memories you choose to preserve on film.

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