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No-nonsense wedding videography.

Becky + David | Harborside Chapel | Clearwater, Florida

Becky + David | Tampa, Florida

Harborside Chapel | Clearwater, Florida

There’s something so intriguing about meeting people for the first time on their wedding day. They’re out of their element, all of the “impressive” parts of who they are become secondary to the celebration, and it’s sometimes hard to tell if a couple really is as wonderful as their wedding day attitudes make them seem. However, it doesn’t take much to see that Becky + David are some seriously quality people.

As a stranger and a last-minute fill-in for another videographer, it was immediately apparent to me that these two people are very talented, incredibly devoted to each other and their church community, and extremely influential in the lives of every person at their wedding. It was an absolute joy to capture their wedding day on film, and I’m confident that their union will only continue to encourage and impact those who have the chance to call them friends. Much love, and best wishes to the happy couple!