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Strangers are just friends that haven't met yet.



We exist simply to capture the happiest day of your life, and make it into the most spectacular film that we can muster. We’re driven by the incredible narrative of your love story, and captivated by the precious moments that express it.


Aaron Rolston

Founder + Cinematographer

Yep, just like the trapped rock-climber in that one movie you probably never saw. I'm a lifelong creator that never really wants to retire — honestly, I have the best job on earth, so why stop? From portraits of friends, to folk music, to photos in magazines, and now films, there's quite the Internet paper-trail that leads to two facts: I love to create & I love people.

I married a wonderful woman named Adrianne in my parents' backyard at the start of 2018. With only about thirty friends & family members present (and some glorious breakfast food), it was absolutely the best day of my life. 

Tampa, FL is home, but it's in my blood to explore, so I jump at any chance I get to see the world. Top 3 places I'd love to shoot a wedding: New Zealand, South Africa, & Japan. 

A self-proclaimed coffee addict, minimalism fanatic, and follower of Jesus. Let's grab a coffee and talk about your wedding!


The Kindred Experience.

Your story, your passions, your marriage to the person of your dreams. This is what we're about as Kindred. We exist simply to capture the happiest day of your life, and make it into the most spectacular film that we can muster.

There are plenty of other wedding videographers out there who would do absolutely anything to "get the sale"... but frankly, we're not about that. You're not a paycheck, you're a person, and we value you over your money. We want to work with people who are deeply in love with each other, who seek to lead extraordinary lives, and who care about quality more than getting the best deal.

Now, we're not going to capture the exact same things as your photographer — we want to capture the un-posed, un-rehearsed moments that you'll easily forget about... 

Laughing at that inside joke with your maid of honor; the tears you shed with your fiancé when you hug each other's parents; the serendipitous, unexpected moments at your venue that make you chuckle; the cake fight that will inevitably happen. Our greatest success would be for you to almost forget that we're even at your wedding.


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