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No-nonsense wedding videography.
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Emilie + Erik | UMT Campus | Missoula, Montana

Emilie + Erik

UMT Campus | Missoula, Montana

It's been said that love is much more than a feeling — it's a commitment that takes a lifetime of hard work, and E + E are no strangers to hard work. As the C.O.O. of Bank of Montana and a nearly graduated doctorate degree-holder in Chemistry, these two absolutely blow my mind with the amount of dedication, perseverance, and character that they exhibit individually, but especially together. Both University of Montana alumni, and with family on staff, they knew early on that they wanted the ceremony to take place on campus, in "The Oval". When they first told me, I was a tad apprehensive... but when I arrived, I quickly understood — this place is absolutely stunning.

Now, I was very much the outsider at their wedding... but in the best way possible. With over ten aunts and uncles just on the bride's side of the family, E + E's wedding was a family reunion like I've never seen. It couldn't have been less than seven times that I was approached and greeted with an, "Oh my gosh, you're the Florida guy! Thank you SO much for being here and, welcome to Montana!" Needless to say, it was absolutely wonderful being surrounded by such a kind and welcoming family, and all of the friends (some from across the globe) that came to witness a beautiful union.

Technically speaking, this was my first film shot on the Panasonic GH5 + GH5S, and I couldn't be more pleased with the image that these incredible cameras produced. The entire day was shot solely with two lenses: a Voigtlander 17.5mm f/.95 and a Leica 42.5mm Nocticron f/1.2 — both very sturdy, and very German. Seemingly every scene that took place during the wedding was as vibrant as could be: From blue-ish, slightly smoke-ridden mountains in the distance, to a robust prep room with rich oranges and greens, to a spectacular arch-centerpiece with amazing greenery and florals, to a soft purple and orange sunset to end the day. Paired with some vintage film effects and lens flares courtesy of Lens Distortions, and the amazing score by Roary, this film was an absolute pleasure to grade and edit.

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