An open letter to you, dearest inquiring couple.

You probably never realized that there were so many options with wedding videographers. I mean, who would — you're only going to be utilizing our highly specialized services once in your lifetime! But let's get one thing straight...

Only hiring a photographer isn't good enough.

Ask any of your already-married friends who didn't hire a wedding videographer — it's possibly one of their greatest regrets. When you've got one chance to capture something that will truly last forever, do you really think that still images alone can do it justice? I mean, let's be real... when was the last time you bawled your eyes out over a photo?

You binge Netflix shows, subscribe to a hundred people on YouTube, your Insta Story is always on fleek, and go to movies on opening night... but your videographer gets the scraps of the wedding budget?

Video is the future, so make it an essential part of your wedding day.

We implore you, find a way to fit it into the budget: Order a few less flowers, have one less appetizer, wear slightly less-cool socks. Let us capture the best day of your life on film — we promise you won't regret it.