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There’s a whole lot of misinformation + terrible sources out there when it comes to videographers… so let’s bring you up to speed with how we roll, the questions we’re often asked, and how we can help make your wedding day as special as possible.


So, why hire a videographer?


You probably never realized that there were so many options with wedding videographers. But even more interestingly, it probably never occurred to you that video is actually really important to you.

You binge watch entire Netflix shows, subscribe to hundreds of people on YouTube, you’re constantly browsing your Instagram story, and cry through your favorite movies at the theater on opening night... but somehow, videography still gets the scraps of the wedding budget?

Presumably, it comes from this single idea: “Photographers are more important.”

Throughout history, we’ve seen the overwhelming acceptance and innovation of photography in weddings; what was once a luxury is now an expectation, and it’s only become more so — To say that couples care more about photos than a fancy cake, flowers, and probably even their new in-laws wouldn’t be that far off. Video, however, still has the reputation for being a “luxury” as photography once was, which leaves us in this space of seeming unimportant, undervalued, and overpriced.

But, here’s the reality that even many photographers would agree with: Video is just as vital to properly capturing a wedding day as photos.

Photography and Videography both have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and being utilized without the other can actually be rather detrimental to the end result. Still images excel at capturing single moments: glimpses into a fraction of history that’ll never be repeated again. Video, on the other hand, has the ability to fully embody the likeness of a person, the grandeur of a place, and the raw emotion of a situation — simply put, it captures the world around us in the exact way that we experience it.

So, we’re left with this truth, then… Only hiring a photographer isn't good enough.

Ask any of your already-married friends who didn't hire a wedding videographer — it's possibly one of their greatest regrets. When you've got one chance to capture something that will truly last forever, do you really think that still images alone can do it justice?

Video is the future, so make it an essential part of your wedding day.

I implore you, find a way to fit it into the budget: Order a few less flowers, have one less appetizer, wear slightly less-cool socks. Let us capture the best day of your life on film — we promise you won't regret it.


General & Booking

+ Do you shoot elopements + engagements?

Yes! If you’re planning an elopement or engagement and are on the hunt for a videographer that’ll work well with your photographer, look no further. We truly treasure the opportunity to capture an intimate ceremony between you and your love. For pricing + information, please fill out the connect form and we’ll be in touch.

+ Are you willing to travel?

There's nothing we love more than experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and creating in new, inspiring places. Travel is included within 200 miles round-trip of Tampa, FL. If your wedding is not within those parameters, an additional travel fee will apply.

+ Do you have insurance?

Yes! For your peace of mind, and if your venue requires it.

+ How do payments work?

Very simply — a 50% Non-Refundable Retainer is due up-front to secure your wedding date, with the remaining 50% due one month from your wedding day.

+ Is the retainer refundable?

This is really just to see if you actually read the previous question. The 50% Retainer to secure your wedding date is absolutely non-refundable, no exceptions.

+ Methods of payment?

We prefer to use bank transfers — just as safe and quick as a credit card but without those annoying fees. Although, credit card payment is fine as well.

+ Can we meet you before hiring?

Absolutely! Most couples opt for a quick FaceTime call, although... I'm always down to grab a bite to eat or a coffee if proximity permits. Have those questions ready!

+ How much do you charge?

Our Collections for 2019 + 2020 range from $8,000 - $2,500.


Wedding Day + Editing

+ Do you work well with photographers?

It's kindof sad that this has to be asked, but... of course. About 80% of our wedding inquires are referrals from photographers we've worked with in the past, if that says anything.

+ What's your setup like?

I believe that subtlety is a lost art form. While it would be neat to have a huge production crew, with tons of fancy camera equipment, I like to keep things simple — one backpack-full of gear, and a few small accessories. That way, the focus stays on you and your darling fiancé and I'm not making a mess of your venue.

+ So tell me about drones.

It's true, we do fly drones. We're insured and ready to make your wedding look incredible, from above. However, there are a few things to make note of: Per FAA regulations, we aren't able to fly anywhere near airports and certain landmarks; we always comply with venue rules w/ drones; and, if it's looking like it'll rain, we won't be able to fly. We always choose safe over awesome.

+ What if I really want a longer film?

We try to be open-minded and accomodating to what our couples want, including footage of as many details and moments from their wedding day as we can. However, we also know that compromises lead to more compromises... so, if you're looking for anything close to a documentary edit, I may not be the right videographer for you.

+ How do you approach choosing music?

As a musician of over 10 years, I know that music is the driving force behind anything that makes people feel deeply, which makes it absolutely crucial to be meticulous in selection. Most times, multiple hours are spent choosing the perfect song for a film, as every film is different. This is also why the length of highlight film varies drastically — the perfect song may be 5:25, or it may be 3:10.

+ How long until we receive the film?

We aim to deliver films in 3 - 6 months from your wedding date.

+ Where do we watch the film?

We upload all of our films to Vimeo and then embed them to a short blog post with some writing, screenshots, and links to all of your wedding's suppliers.

+ Do you offer revisions?

I do my absolute best to deliver a film that will knock your socks off with the very first draft. However, if you're deeply unpleased with something, at my sole discretion, I'm willing to make very minor adjustments (take out / add a clip of your grandma, etc.) — if more major adjustments are requested, our re-editing fee of $150/hr will be applied.

+ What are your film inspirations?

Firstly, I believe that there's something just spectacularly whimsical about Wes Anderson's style of storytelling — "Moonrise Kingdom" is one of my absolute favorites. Furthermore, J.J. Abrams' use of light is jaw-dropping, Christopher Nolan hits you in the brain feels, and let's be real... Pixar movies are the best movies, hands down.

+ Do you keep backups?

We ensure safe local storage of your wedding footage for up to a year — if you're the nervous type, you may seek to purchase the Home Video Edit for your own personal collection. Please inquire for more details.



Now, how much does it cost?

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