Pricing + Collections

Put your money where your heart is.


The Film Collection

Up to 8 Hours of Consecutive Coverage

+  3 - 6 Minute Feature Film

+  2 Cameras (Shot in 4K)

Unique Licensed Music

Beautiful Aerial Drone Footage

Completed in 3 Months



The Home Video Edit — $500

Look, nobody needs 50+ gigs of unprocessed, shaky, usually unattractive RAW footage. It’s like having a world-class chef cook you up his best dish, but then asking for the raw arugula and shellfish at the end.  So, we’ve made something even better.

Remember when you were a kid, and your mom/dad had that clunky old camcorder and insisted on recording EVERYTHING you did… from your first swim in the pool, to your Pokemon-themed 7th birthday, to chasing your dog around the yard? It was so raw, so unpolished and sometimes embarrassing! But years later, you take a look at those home videos and they bring you to tears because all of those seemingly unimportant details that they caught at just the right time. 

That’s what the Home Video Edit is about. The polished, cinematic final product is great to show to friends + family, but… this is for you. It’s the entire days-worth of footage, even the silly or not-as-pretty shots, lightly edited and shown in chronological order with all of the on-camera audio.


Extended Feature Film — $700

Sometimes, more is more — you’ve got an incredible day planned out for your and your fiancé, and you want to make the most of it! This addition extends your Feature Film from 3-6 minutes to 7-10 minutes. We require including this addition before you book, as opposed to after your wedding day, so that we can be sure to get the proper amount of footage. Furthermore, to accommodate a longer edit, we include a second Licensed Track to make sure that everything flows smoothly and you don’t doze off while watching your longer movie.


Next Day Instagram Trailer — $300

You just had the best day of your life, and you're on the way to the honeymoon... and you haven't shared a single thing about it on the 'gram *gasp* — have no fear. This quick-turnaround edit is delivered within 24-hours of the end of your wedding day, and features some of our favorite shots, lightly edited in a tidy, audio-less, easy to share format.


Second Shooter — $500

I'm pretty dang efficient as a single shooter, but... sometimes having a second angle is a good call, especially if your bridal party is the size of a basketball team. Recommended for weddings of more than 250 guests.


+2 Hours of Coverage — $300

Need more than 8 Hours of Coverage? No problem.


The Grand Collection


The sky is the limit, so you want it all. The Grand Collection features The Film Collection and all of the Additions that we offer with a $300 discount. It's gonna be a party.





Let's make a movie about the best day of your life.