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Pricing + Collections

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The Collection


Up to 8 Hours of Consecutive Coverage

+  3 - 6 Minute Feature Film

+  2 Cameras (Shot in 4K)

Unique Licensed Music

Beautiful Aerial Drone Footage

60 Second Instagram Trailer

Completed in 3 Months





The Home Video Edit — $500

Look, nobody needs 50+ gigs of unprocessed, sometimes shaky, usually unattractive footage. It’s like having a world-class chef cook you up his best dish, but then asking for the raw arugula and shellfish at the end.  So, we’ve made something even better.

Remember when you were a kid, and your mom/dad had that clunky old camcorder and insisted on recording EVERYTHING you did… from your first swim in the pool, to your Pokemon-themed 7th birthday, to chasing your dog around the yard? It was so raw, so unpolished and sometimes embarrassing! But years later, you take a look at those home videos and they bring you to tears because all of those seemingly unimportant details that they caught at just the right time. The feeling of being young, the memories of the teenage crush you had, seeing animals that have since passed, even the smells of your mom’s cookies — it all comes rushing back in.

That’s what the Home Video Edit is about. The polished, cinematic final product is great to show to friends + family, but… this is for you. It’s the entire days-worth of footage, even the silly or not-as-pretty shots, lightly edited and shown in chronological order with all of the on-camera audio. We promise, it’s better than RAW footage that’ll sit dormant on a hard drive for the next few decades.


Extended Feature Film — $700

Sometimes, more is more — you’ve got an incredible day planned out for your and your fiancé, and you want to make the most of it! This addition extends your Feature Film from 3-6 minutes to 7-10 minutes. We require including this addition before you book, as opposed to after your wedding day, so that we can be sure to get the proper amount of footage.

Furthermore, to accommodate a longer edit, we include a second Licensed Track to make sure that everything flows smoothly and you don’t doze off while watching your longer movie.


+ 2 Hours of Coverage — $300

Need more than 8 Hours of Coverage? No problem.


The Fine Print


If your wedding / elopement is shorter (>6 Hours), let us know in the Connect Form and we can arrange a lower price.

We like to keep things simple, which is why we only deliver finished films online, on Vimeo — no more tedious little flash drives! If its important to you to have a personal copy of your film to have for safe-keeping, we’d be more than happy to send you a digital copy of the film via email or Google Drive.

Drones! They’re amazing, but they can also be a liability. While we’ll try our best to get those sweet aerial shots (who doesn’t love them?!, we may be limited by weather, airport proximity, venue preference, or airspace laws.

We don’t offer RAW Footage, but see The Home Video Edit below for our alternative…

For International Destination Weddings that last more than just one day (so glamorous!), please include as much detail as you can in the Connect Form about your travel plans and expectations for us — we want to contribute to the grandeur of your celebration by preparing + accommodating accordingly.

A 50% non-refundable, non-negotiable retainer fee is due at time of booking to reserve your date. The remaining 50% is due one month before your wedding. An alternate payment schedule of 50/25/25 is available upon request.

If you love our style but price is an issue, please still inquire, and we'll see what we can do to accommodate! 


You've got questions, we've got answers.


Why do you only offer one package?

By offering only a select few premium services, it ensures that every last item on your videography wishlist is ticked, and that we're able to create the best possible film to capture your wedding day. Less is more.


Are you actually filming our wedding, or some other person you hire?

I (Aaron) will be the one shooting your wedding! All video + photo content on this site are mine, so you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

Can we meet you before hiring you?

Absolutely! Most people opt for a quick FaceTime call, although... I'm always down to grab a bite to eat or a coffee if proximity permits. Just fill out the connect form on the next page, and we'll set up a time to talk!


How do we know you'll work well with out Photographer?

If you're in the Tampa Bay Area, then there's a good chance that we're already buds with your photographer, or have at least seen each other around. But in any case, I make it my goal to introduce myself to every photographer I work alongside, as to establish clear communication and expectations.


How long have you been doing this for?

We've been shooting weddings since the start of 2018! So if you notice that we don't have many films, it's because we've been operating for less time than most weddings are planned in!


Are you willing to travel?

Of course! There's nothing we love more than experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and creating in new, inspiring places. Travel is included within 200 miles round-trip of Tampa, FL. If your wedding is not within those parameters, an additional travel fee will apply. If driving distance is too great, we require accommodation for one round-trip plane ticket, transportation, and stay. We book our own travel.


What's your setup like?

We believe that subtlety is a lost art form. While it would be neat to have a huge production crew, with tons of fancy camera equipment, we like to keep things simple — one backpack-full of gear, and a few small accessories. That way, the focus stays on you and your darling fiancé, we're not making a mess of your venue, and you nearly forget that we're even filming.


What are your film inspirations?

Firstly, we believe that there's something just spectacularly whimsical about Wes Anderson's style of storytelling — "Moonrise Kingdom" is one of our absolute favorites. Furthermore, J.J. Abrams' use of light is jaw-dropping, Christopher Nolan hits you in the brain feels, and let's be real... Pixar movies make us all who we really are.

How long do your films typically run?

Before reading any further, take a look at our films if you haven't already — that'll give you a good idea of how we roll. We prefer to keep films in the "Highlight Video" range of 3-6 minutes, because life is short and the days of hour-long wedding videos are over (ain't nobody got time for that).


How will we view our film?

A floppy disk, delivered by carrier pigeon... Just kidding. Because we're all civilized here, we'll upload it on Vimeo  for you to view and share with the dearest people in your life (or social media).



Let's make a movie about the best day of your life.