The Photo Collection

+ Up to 8 Hours of Consecutive Coverage

+  200+ Exquisitely Edited Photos

+  2 Cameras

+  Online Gallery

+ Completed in 3 Months



Engagement Session — $500

You're engaged, and you want the whole world to know it! This addition includes 1 Hour of shooting at an agreed upon location (coffee shops work great), 25+ Exquisitely Edited Photos and the printing rights to go with them.

Second Shooter — $500

I'm pretty dang efficient as a single shooter, but... sometimes having a second angle is a good call, especially if your bridal party is the size of a basketball team. Recommended for weddings of more than 250 guests.

Rehearsal Dinner — $500

You know it's going to be a good time when you've got to rehearse eating and partying. Includes 2 Hours of Coverage and 25+ photos to be added to the final delivered collection.

+ 2 Hours of Coverage — $300

Need more than 8 Hours of Coverage? We've got you covered.