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No-nonsense wedding videography.

Tampa Wedding Videography

Tampa Wedding Videography —

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So… why “no-nonsense wedding videography?”


Well, the wedding industry has a nasty habit of complicating things to the point of overwhelm. We feel it’s our duty to strip back all of the fluff and get back to the basics of documenting a wedding. You’re marrying a person you love, friends and family will be there to celebrate, it’ll be a grand time that you’ll cherish forever — there’s no room in there for “the dramatic videographer that stops everything to redo a shot”. We’re here to serve you, and that means being reasonable, thoughtful, and kind… AKA, no-nonsense.

No bells or whistles — just beautiful. Our films are captivating, short-form narratives that capture the quintessential moments of your wedding day. We operate from the idea that simplicity doesn't equate to lacking in quality: an excellently shot, masterfully edited Highlight Film will evoke feelings just as effectively as a longer, documentary style edit. Our goal is to tastefully, uniquely, and excellently craft visuals to preserve some of the happiest memories you'll ever have — holding a handful of moments still for a lifetime.


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Aaron Rolston — Cinematographer

Born and raised in Tampa, FL, but a world-traveller through and through. Aside from making films, I’m a musician with over 10 years of experience, an fairly-seasoned photographer, and an aspirational designer. I’ve had a seemingly endless obsession with coffee, and the process of how it’s made, as well as the culture that surrounds local coffee shops.

The “no-nonsense” mantra comes from my own dedication to living a remarkably simple life — personally, I don’t feel that I have the discipline to effectively sort through the massive amount of information that the world throws at me… so I try really hard to simplify. Whether it’s with clothes, eating choices, cell phone plans, or even music, I aim to find the bits of life that I truly enjoy, and get rid of the rest. By eliminating the “fluff” and pursuing minimalism, it leaves room for the things that matter most.

I married a wonderful woman named Adrianne (pictured above!) in my parents' backyard at the start of 2018 — with only about thirty friends & family members present (and some glorious breakfast food) it was undoubtedly the best day of my life.



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