Grace Ann + Wade


There are few people that I've ever known who truly "light up the room", as the cliche goes — Grace-Ann is one of those people.

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I've known GA for something like ten years, having played in the same youth group band together for many of those years. So when I heard that she was engaged, I had with absolute certainty that the person she'd be marrying would be just as delightful, and I most definitely wasn't wrong!

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Grace-Ann and Wade are two peas in a pod: They practically exude light, and they find joy in seemingly everything and everyone — with that personification in mind, their wedding was nothing short of spectacular: A venue right on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, fantastic live music for every different part of the day, an assortment of a lifetimes-worth of caring family and friends, and vows that'd make even the grittiest soul soften.

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Walking away from their reception, I had the overwhelming feeling that God had perfectly coordinated the union of these two wonderful people, and it was my absolute pleasure to have captured the moments that they'll cherish forever. Cheers to the happy couple!

Aaron Rolston