Julie + Tim


Julie and Tim's love story is truly one for the twenty-first century — they "met" on Instagram, started dating, fell in love, and got married.

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World-travelers as they are, they flew in friends and family from all over the country to experience their wonderful union, and even live-streamed it on social media for the ones that couldn't be present. As frequent wedding party participants, Julie and Tim knew exactly what they wanted at their wedding — to slow the day down, and take time to really enjoy each other's presence. So that's just what they did... starting the day getting breakfast together at one of their favorite spots in Lakeland, then going separate ways to close friends' houses to get ready, accompanied by mimosas and constant up-beat jams.

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The day carried on splendidly, and by the end of it all, it was very evident that these people were truly loved by their church and community. It was truly a pleasure to have documented Julie and Tim's wedding as our very first, and we wish them the absolute best in their marriage!

Aaron Rolston