Shannon + Charlie


Shannon and Charlie have the kind of love story that movies are made about.

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They met in Tampa, FL when they were just young adults, each just starting out in their careers and individual journeys of life. Before long, an attraction grew between them — but, it was short-lived. Charlie wanted to settle down, but Shannon had grand ambitions of pursuing a degree in surgical assistance. So, they drifted apart… for seven long years.

Until, Shannon decided that enough was enough and sent Charlie a message on Facebook that rekindled their romance. Except, this time was different — they were actually ready for a future together.

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What was initially going to be a romantic destination wedding in Yosemite, turned into an intimate wedding on the beach when Shannon and Charlie decided that family was the most important part of their wedding. By keeping it local, they were able to have their closest family and friends present for their special day.

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We couldn’t be happier for this wonderful couple, and we wish them all the best in their grand adventure!

Aaron Rolston